Energy Efficient – Passive Design

Energy efficiency and passive design primarily focuses on designing and building homes that consider the land orientation and the local climate to maintain a comfortable temperature in the home and result in lower ongoing costs.

 When we design your home we consider:

Siting and orientation, Cross Ventilation, Summer Cooling, Winter Warmth Thermal Mass, Insulation, Air-tightness, Landscaping, Sustainability and Energy Efficiency    

With likely increases in energy costs, and the introduction of STAR ratings of homes for resale, we should seriously consider building more energy efficient homes.

Solar energy and other alternative energy sources are an option but there are numerous other considerations that should take precedence.

Good passive design considers the angle of the sun in our Adelaide climate. Winter sun but protected from the elements in summer. A home supplied with abundant natural light to living areas in winter and protected from the harsh summer sun provides a more comfortable lifestyle, less reliant on mechanical heating.                  


Aria homes has delivered a beautiful and holistic example of a sustainable residential building. Achieving 8.1 stars by using the entire suite of correct passive design principles. Innovative design features were included to assist in cross ventilation and the site has the capacity to capture 22,500L of rainwater. Locally sourced materials were a priority and waste management on site was handled well by separating materials for recycling or re-use. An excellent example of what can be achieved with the right knowledge.