Excellence in Environmental / Sustainable Construction – Residential

Aria homes has delivered a beautiful and holistic example of a sustainable residential building. Achieving 8.1 stars by using the entire suite of correct passive design principles. Innovative design features were included to assist in cross ventilation and the site has the capacity to capture 22,500L of rainwater. Locally sourced materials were a priority and waste management on site was handled well by separating materials for recycling or re-use. An excellent example of what can be achieved with the right knowledge.

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The perfect green home for a large family. Pic: supplied. Myrtle House

We first showed you this eco wonder in 2019, when it was opened to the public for Sustainable House Day, and we’ve not managed to lose interest in it since then. The brief was simple – replace an existing 1930s house with a contemporary low-carbon footprint home big enough for a family of six. The result – nothing short of stunning. The 8.1 star, five-bedroom home designed by TS4 Living and built by Aria Homes features $55,000 worth of sustainable features including a 6.4kw solar system, efficient lighting and appliances, 22,500L of above-ground rainwater storage and is surrounded by a waterwise garden. Oh, and did we mention it’s gorgeous?

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